Long-Term Care

We understand the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home, valuables, and family are well-protected. That’s why you’ll find knowledgeable and experienced advisors at Lyman & Sheets who are ready to help you review your assets and choose a portfolio of coverage that allows you to maximize your protection.

Long-Term Care
Are you confident your wealth will allow your family to maintain the lifestyle they deserve while providing the type of long-term care you may need? Consider the likelihood that you will need such care. Here’s food for thought: The probability of a house fire is 1 in 1,200. The odds of a major auto accident are 1 in 240. The chance that you or a loved one will need long-term care is 1 in 2. Of the more than 25 million adult caregivers in the United States today, most are spouses or children. While you may not want to be put in the position of caregivers, family members usually cannot be talked out of it, or they may not have the financial resources to secure assistance.

Long-Term Care Insurance preserves assets by using premiums to buy future benefits at pennies on the dollar instead of paying dollar for dollar out of pocket later. An individual or family can purchase coverage for themselves or other family members.

Benefits can help offset the following expenses:
• In-home care
• Modifications to your home (bathroom, shower bars, rails, ramps)
• Adult day care
• Assisted-living facility
• Nursing home

Discounts (including multiple policies) are available from many of our carriers.

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When I arrived 15 minutes after receiving a call about a fire at our business, I was amazed to see Dave Drayton already on the scene and in contact with our carrier. He and his team saw us through the entire claim and rebuild process, and we received a very fair settlement. This is a good example of why we use Lyman & Sheets for our insurance needs.

Joseph P. Maguire
, Wolverine Development Corporation